When Little Owl Met Little Rabbit

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Deep in the forest in a big oak tree, an owl family lives near the top and a rabbit family lives among the roots. Each family had a baby in the spring. Little Rabbit plays all day, while Little Owl flies around all night. When each of their parents mentions the other, the little ones become curious. One summer night, as Little Owl has just woken up and Little Rabbit is getting ready for bed, they are both astonished to see a full moon. They spot each other and introduce themselves and spend quite a bit of time playing together. Little Owl is a night owl and Little Rabbit plays in the daytime, but when given a chance to wish on a shooting star, something wondrous happens.

Przentstaw Wechterowitz has written an enchanting tale that focuses on friendship and learning that will charm youngsters while teaching them some important lessons without being at all didactic. The writing is lovely and the characters are sweet. The wonderful illustrations by Emilia Dziubak are beautiful and filled with lots of details that will help to keep little ones engaged with the story.

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