Part 13: Interview with Authors of “Fenix and the Firework Fliers: A Dance-It-Out Creative Movement Story”

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Introducing “Fenix and the Firework Fliers” by Once Upon a Dance, Christine Herbert and Scott Partridge

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Fenix, a brave firefly, determined to aid Bolt, a grounded Firework Flier. Together, they journey to the towering heights of the Silver Birch Forest for the Solstice Celebration. Along the way, Fenix faces challenges from forest creatures. Will Fenix conquer her fears and reach the summit in time? Who will be named Spirit of the Year? And what dazzling display will the fireflies create? Join the excitement as this delightful tale unfolds, sparking imagination and encouraging physical activity. With gender-neutral pronouns and simplified dance terms, it’s perfect for classrooms and families alike. Discover the magic of Fenix and the Firework Fliers.  

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  •  Can you discuss any plans for future projects or expansions related to “Fenix and the Firework Fliers”?

We are working on a prequel that details how Bolt got his original tummy ache. It will be part of our prop-based series.

  • How does the book contribute to the representation of diverse experiences and perspectives in children’s literature?

This book highlights a holiday celebration and animals coming together to share food and friendship.

  • Can you share any anecdotes or behind-the-scenes moments from the creation of the book that stand out to you?

We realized the fireflies were swapped at a few places in the book and needed the illustrator to rework those pages. Thank you to an early reviewer for noticing.

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