Brainhacker: Master Memory, Focus, Emotions, and More to Unleash the Genius Within

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Written by Dave Farrow, two-time Guinness World Record holder for greatest memory, Brainhacker is the book for anyone who wants to learn a few tips and tricks for improving brain function. Readers will learn all types of hacks including visualization for memorization and goal-reaching, how to focus on something so you don’t feel pain, how to stop craving a food you love that is not healthy, and how to forget something intentionally.

As Farrow explains in his book, the brain is plastic so we can intentionally make changes to our thinking and it will manifest in our physical world. The brain is more powerful than most people can comprehend. Farrow’s Activate Brain Plasticity Hack can be summed up in three steps: be aware of what you want to change, take on a challenge and learn new things, and make a routine and keep going (habit-building).

This book is perfect for getting rid of brain fog, learning how to grow one’s mindset, and of course, how to memorize large (or small) quantities of things. Brainhacker has tips and tricks for everyone to try!

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