The Eloquence of Silence: Surprising Wisdom in Tales of Emptiness

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The concept of success in modern life is predicated on busyness: packing all hours with doing, achieving, and hoarding. “Hustle life” is glorified, the constant yearning for more. Even as we navigate loss and pain, the common advice is to keep going and keep moving. Many lifetimes are squandered chasing pleasures or running away from pain. Instead of yearning to fill the proverbial cup, what if we sat still with emptiness?

The Eloquence of Silence is Thomas Moore’s encouragement to allow spaciousness into our lives. Through meditative writings on the gifts of silence and detaching from expectations. Moore draws from the wisdom of folktales, literary works, and various spiritual traditions—from Judaism to Christianity to Zen Buddhism—to share age-old beliefs about the value of emptiness.

Followers of Moore who benefited from his works about deepening spiritual practices to advance moral development will appreciate how this book dispenses well-grounded advice. Others who are looking for secular applications of the Heart Sutra will find solace in Moore’s contemplations on how slowing down and letting go can renew our commitment to humanity, virtue, and kindness. The lessons are meant for seekers on the path toward another way of dealing with challenging emotional experiences, ready to realize peace and comfort.

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