The Hand That Feeds You (Ursula Lopez Mystery, 2)

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An attempted robbery in the middle of the day in the streets of the capital of Uruguay—Montevideo—is the beginning of this noir-type tale with a very simple plot and characters leading complex lives filled with retribution and double crosses. These are many of the hallmarks of a noir tale.

Ursula Lopez has been dreaming of escaping the melancholy of Montevideo and going somewhere new to recreate herself. She teams with a reluctant companion, Diego, to rob from the robbers who are robbing a truck full of money. But things do not turn out like the plan, and now Ursula is trying to dodge crooked cops, the people she stole the money from, and her own family in an effort to come out ahead, all the while worrying if Diego is going to betray her and take off with the money.

All is not right in Montevideo, as evidenced by this novel, and it will take much work to get out of these streets alive, where the infrastructure is crumbling and everyone is thinking about an escape to a better life that is not in Montevideo.

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