The Friendship Breakup: A Novel

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The Friendship Breakup is about a woman named Fallon who finds herself in a situation where her best mommy friend and group of friends starts being the equivalent of the mean girls in high school. Fallon has absolute No idea what she did wrong. The one person who will still talk to her is Elenore. This is because Elenore was caught making out with the school principal and has also been ousted from the group. With her new chocolate business starting to gain traction, a handsome successful husband, and her adorable daughter Maya, Fallon’s life is great except for the friend problem.

This book has a fun story that moms of young children will empathize with. Fallon tries so hard to get her friends back including throwing a Mexican Fiesta Party gone wrong. The women in the book were horrible and caddy to Fallon and I couldn’t help think that Fallon did something she didn’t realize she did. The book fell flat in the ending and I felt like it could have been so much better especially with some of Fallon’s personal matters. A fun, easy read that fans of chick lit will enjoy.

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