Love: A Novel of Grief and Desire by Jefferson R. Blackburn-Smith

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Book Summary:

After the death of his wife, Ed Gideon survived the bone-numbing loss and loneliness by narrowing his focus to only work and his two college-age daughters, who are also struggling with their mother’s loss as they seek to claim their adult identities, lives and loves.

When Ed meets Bobbi Love — the fifteen-year-old daughter of the drunk driver who killed his wife — the night Andie Love intentionally overdoses, he has no idea how this simple act of closure will reawaken the grief and desire he has kept locked away for the last two years.

Complicating things, Ed finds himself caught up in desire for two very different women with no understanding how to pick between them. The careful scaffolding he has built around his emotions soon collapses and Ed is left to deal with the grief and rage he has kept bottled up for two years.


“[The book] not only makes you feel connected to its convincing fictional characters and instills a strong desire to find out how things would turn out for them; it also urges readers to be nice even when it is difficult.”

– Kristi Elizabeth, Manhattan Book Review.

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