Youniverse: The Quantum Kaleidoscope of You

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Open Youniverse and discover the magnificence of the universe and how ornately the fabric of it is interlaced. Its design is masterful, beginning with the infinitesimal atoms that make up every living and non-living thing and moving on to the intricate molecules contained in a single drop of water. They, too, are everywhere: in blood cells that carry oxygen to tissues throughout the body, in organs as complex as the human eye, and even in the chlorophyll that allows plants to thrive. You are yet another of these miraculous wonders; you are the youniverse, and the universe is you.

This book is brilliantly crafted and will be a wonderful resource for upper-elementary school science teachers and students alike. Astronomy and biology enthusiasts will favor it, as will youth with insatiable curiosity about the world around them.

The pages of this spectacular book contain only a limited amount of text, so it’s a relatively quick read. The author’s use of rich figurative language is impressive, and her style is alluring. The illustrations are sensational, featuring vivid hues and striking real-life images set against dark back-matter. They’re certain to leave a lasting impression on young readers.

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